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• A pampering yet hydrating Alpha   Hydroxy gel
• Promotes a clearer, brighter
  and more radiant complexion
• Improves and intensifies elasticity
• These Alpha Hydroxy Acids smooth   and re-texturize the skin’s surface   through a soft micro-exfoliation
• Soft peeling formula especially   developed for cell renovation and   the elimination of impurities
• Ideal for post acne treatments
• Night use only
• For all skin types

Skin-Renewing Formula

1 oz. / 30 ml.


• A rich and unique hydrating gel   formulation
• Contains cell renewal and healing   properties
• Stimulates cell turnover
  and collagen production
• Helps restore skin’s youthful texture   and improves elasticity
• Ideal to treat scars, peelings
  or post-acne treatments
• For all skin types

Skin Restorer

1 oz. / 30 ml.


• Intensive cellular care
• Diminishes the appearance
  of finelines
• Nurtures and revitalizes because
  of its high vitamin content
• Promotes the production
  of collagen and elastin
• Reestablishes skinís texture
  and improves elasticity
• Visible results from
  the first application
• Apply both day and night
  before moisturizer
• For all skin types

Cellular Complex

1 oz. / 30 ml.


• We call it the Anti-aging Golden
• It is an advanced formulation
  with key antioxidant ingredients
  and a delicate citrus scent.
• Powerful antioxidant action
  to prevent cellular damage
  that causes skin aging.
• Due to the presence of the novel
  molecule Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
  BV-OSC, this is oil-soluble.
• Stimulates production of collagen
  and elastin.
• Prevents the formation of wrinkles
  and small lines.

Anti-Oxidant Emulsion

1 oz. / 30 ml.


• A soothing decongestant mask
• Hydrates and revitalizes the skin
• Leave on for 20 minutes once
  or twice a week.
  Remove with cold water
• For all skin types

2 oz. / 59 gr.


• Cleansing milk, protects
  and balances delicate skin,
  and removes make up.
• Perfect solution for delicate
  and dry skin.
• Will leave skin feeling smooth
  and refreshed.

6 fl oz. / 177 ml.


• 100% Collagen freeze dry
• A unique and effective treatment
  designed to improve and relax
  the eye area
Smoothes lines and wrinkles,   giving the skin a radiant and fresh

1 Set


• A lightweight non-comedogenic   emulsion, which filters and absorbs   UVA and UVB sun rays
• Contains outstanding moisturizing   properties
• Ideal for all skin types

Moisturizing Sunscreen

4 oz. / 120 ml.


• A High tolerance serum with a
  silkytexture is specially formulated
  for sensitive and rosacea skin.
• It offers an instant immersion
  in softness and comfort.
• It helps promote a healthier
  complexion and eliminates redness.
• Strengthens the walls
  of the capillaries.
• An exclusive combination of herbal
  ingredients and anti-oxidants
  that will deliver effective results.
• It is a preventative and protective
  skinís barrier function serum.

1 oz. / 30 ml.




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